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Videos About Compassion & Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion as the Radicalism of our Time

Roshi Joan Halifax explores in this video presentation the depths and power of compassion, and how it can be a great impact.

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Developing a Compassionate Mind

Let's learn more about our remarkable mind! This video can help watchers understand more about compassion and expression.

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The Happiness Trap, an Animated History

Our minds can really be a window into the past. Learn more about how happiness and painful things are a part of our evolution.

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What is Compassion Focused Therapy?

This video gives a good overview of CFT and how it can help people with many different concerns and needs. Watch to learn more!

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Videos About Evidence Based Treatments for Anxiety & Depression

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

A very good overview of the science of this practice and how it can work. This video explores a lot, but a lot can be learned.

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Example of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This video shows how depression keeps itself going and how taking action, even when we don't feel like it, can help.

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Videos About Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

About Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Let's look at the science behind how DBT can work for many people. This video explores a lot, but a lot can be learned.

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Are DBT Skills For Everybody?

A video presentation by New York Presbyterian Hospital that explains how DBT helps with regulating difficult emotions.

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Videos About Polyvagal Theory & The Science of Safeness

Understanding Polyvagal Theory

Let's dive into the science behind how we feel comfortable and safe. This video explores a lot, but a lot can be learned.

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A lighthearted explanation of Polyvagal Theory

Seth Porges, Stephen Porges son, explores Polyvagal Theory, Trauma and the Science of Safety in this "Nerd Nite!" experience.

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Articles & Learning Tools

Article: What is Evidence Based Therapy?

What is Evidence Based Therapy: 3 EBT Interventions on An overview of what EBT is and of CBT, DBT, ACT, MBCT interventions.


Article: Review of Compassion Focused Therapy

The Effectiveness of Compassion Focused Therapy with Clinical Populations: a systematic review by Millard, L.A. et al. a scholarly article reviewing current research outcomes.

Read more at Elsevier

Article: More on Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) an article by the Cleveland Clinic that explains DBT, how it works, and the mental health issues that it has been proven effective for helping.

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Clinical Trials in Progress about LPP/SSP

5 clinical trials in progress to evaluate the effectiveness of the LPP/SSP in:

  1. Children with a trauma history. Funded by the Australian Childhood Foundation.
  2. People with ADD who have difficulties with autonomic and/or behavioral regulation. In cooperation with: ADD Centre and Biofeedback Institute of Toronto.
  3. Emotionally disturbed and learning-challenged young people who have difficulties with autonomic and/or behavioral regulation. Funded by the Reiss-Davis Child Study Center of Vista Del Mar, California.
  4. Decreasing the atypical features of the Social Engagement System in adolescents with Prader Willi Syndrome. In cooperation with the Latham Centers School in Brewster, Massachusetts.
  5. Reducing chronic pain in a sample of older adults. In cooperation with the Meadowood Retirement Community in Bloomington, Indiana.

Article: More on Person Centered Therapy

Person Centered Therapy, an article explaining this type of therapy as posted on PsychologyToday.

Read more at PsychologyToday

Behavioral Tech, DBT
Learn more about Behavioral Tech

Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Study, Stanford University
Learn more about the Center

Compassionate Mind Foundation
Learn more about the Foundation

The Gottman Institute
Learn more about the Institute

Greater Good Science Center, University of California at Berkeley
Learn more about Greater Good

NIH: National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health
Learn more about the Center

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