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Meet Paula

Hi there and welcome to our practice! I'm Paula Rainey (MA, LAC, NCC), and I am a licensed associate counselor (MA, LAC, NCC) with a background in both adult education and certification as an NJ behavior assistant. I bring a great deal of enthusiasm and life experience to my work - and I look forward to being there to help you on your journey.


As a care professional, I’m particularly interested in serving the needs of older adults and those who are currently experiencing anxiety, grief and loss. Whether related to our changing post-COVID environment, relational losses or to other difficult life transitions, I’m here to help.

It is my belief that fostering a strong therapeutic relationship is fundamental to the counseling process. Consequently, you can expect that I will utilize a compassionate, non-judgmental approach as we explore and address any challenges you may be facing. My goal is to help those I work with to understand they are not alone, and that facing difficult challenges is part of our human experience. Counseling is about making changes, and by reaching out, you are taking the first step in that journey. It is one of the most courageous steps you will make. Together we will work to create a safe space for you to explore and connect with your own inner strength as you find answers from within to lead you to an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Past Experience, Education and Training:

I will take a creative, integrative, person centered approach in order to support your unique strengths and meet your individual needs. This often includes Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other research supported and evidence-based treatment approaches. I look forward to working with you on your journey.

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