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Be You. Be Human. Be Well.

Be You.

[KindnessRocks image: Courage]Understand that who you are is unique to your own experience. Much of what we experience and learn is not of our choosing, but evolves out of the context of the complex interactions of brain, body, mind and behavior as influenced by our relationships, community and culture.

Be Human.

[KindnessRocks image: Wisdom]Know that you are not alone – we all want to feel connected, happy and well. However, the complexity of our human brain and social nature set us up for struggle. Human nature dictates that we share common desires for belonging, happiness and health . However, we are all susceptible to having our goals blocked by our biology, our learning history, and the habits our mind has unwittingly developed over time.

Be Well.

[KindnessRocks image: Strength]We yearn, we struggle, we strive and we grow. It is not our fault that we struggle as result of our human biology and social nature. However, it is within our choosing to learn differently, feel deeply, strive with conviction, and grow with intention toward the life we most want for ourselves.

[Beth Fier, MA, LPC, NCC, ACS profile image]I am Beth Fier, and my practice, SEED Services: Partners for Counseling and Wellness is committed to promoting compassion focused well-being at the individual, relational and community level. Learn more about me and what I can do for you – or view the helpful, compassion-focused counseling services that I offer through my practice.
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