Our Services

Our Services are rooted in research supported and evidence based treatment approaches. We are committed to assisting clients develop the skills they need for lasting self-acceptance and change.

From a compassion focused perspective, and in addition to group services and provider services, we will utilize treatment modalities that promote the ability to face and approach our problems with sensitivity and a commitment to taking action that enhances well-being.

While the specifics for each individual will vary based on our unique values and goals, there are three broad areas that tend to be central to wellbeing. We will work together to understand, enhance and maintain well-being in each of these areas as needed.

  • The ability to experience connection to and care for ourselves, others and the world around us.
  • The ability to take action in ways that promote a sense of self-sufficiency, purpose and meaning.
  • The ability to experience a sense of safeness, contentment and peace.