Kindness Rocks & Compassion Rocks, Too! Projects

“Compassion is one of the most important declarations of strength and courage known to humanity. It is difficult and powerful, infectious and influential. It is a universally recognized motivation with the ability to change the world.”– Dr. Paul Gilbert, Founder of CFT

TheKindnessRocksProject: CompassionRocksToo!

This community outreach project is modeled after TheKindnessRocksProject and is designed to offer a simple way to educate and inspire community understanding of compassion in action. Learn more about TheKindnessRocksProject.

We will bring rocks for painting to community events or can offer talks on the science and neuroscience of compassion at local schools or organizations.

We invite you to find your own compassion-it motivation and change the world, one rock at a time:

Grow it!

Create a rock with your own message of compassionate courage, strength or care to inspire well-being in yourself, others and our community.

Get it!

Take a rock, one you’ve created yourself or one you can find at our office rock garden, to inspire your own compassionate courage and strength.

Share it!

Connect with others to inspire compassionate courage and strength by giving a rock to someone who needs it or leave it somewhere visible to be found by someone in the travels of their day. Check out what others have shared on the project’s page on Facebook.

Feel free to start your own CompassionRocksToo! Project and let us know so we can spread the word!