Group Services

Group services are offered periodically several times a year, and typically require a cohort of at least 4 participants, not exceeding 8 participants. Please call to inquire about and/or pre-register for our next offerings.

Compassionate Mind Training

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) utilizes an experiential, skills based approach called Compassionate Mind Training (CMT) to help individuals cultivate the attributes of compassion necessary to successfully engage with life’s challenges.

This 8-12 week series focuses on learning basic CMT principles and practices to counter self-criticism, difficult emotions, and problem behavior patterns such as perfectionism, over-striving and avoidance.

This series is also periodically offered as an “inside-out” training for counselors, social workers and other care providers. The inside-out method provides the opportunity to learn the treatment by personally for self-care while considering treatment applications.

Compassion Focused Wellness

Based on the CMT model, this 6 session series offers participants the opportunity to learn compassion focused practices that support examining values, and building new habits for wellness, self-care, connection and change.

Sessions can be offered individually or in a group setting and include
psychoeducational & experiential components.